Take action

We can join the movement in kicking against HIV stigma and discrimination with informed knowledge about HIV and by sharing the knowledge with others. You can do this in person or on social media. All that matters is that we take action.
Take action now with our Stop HIV Stigma and Discrimination pledge card.

Use the Stop HIV Stigma and Discrimination pledge card to commit to raise your voice and increase awareness about HIV. This will help in creating a well-informed community that will understand, accept and support people living with HIV from a positive lens.

The Stop HIV Stigma and Discrimination pledge card will help lead the movement that tackles the discrimination of HIV in our community and also help you to access the perception and understanding of people about HIV.
Download, customize, and share the pledge card to fight stigma and raise awareness of HIV misinformation. You can share your pledge card on your social media pages and other digital outlets.

    Tips and ideas to help you get started in creating your social media posts:

    • Use #WorldAIDSDay #Equalize #StopHIVStigma #GirlswithHIVmatter #Adolescentsmatter.
    • Remember to keep a positive vibe and show empathy and genuine concern.
    • Listen to what other people have to say and learn from their experience.
    • Use #StopHIVStigma or #StopHIVTogether in your posts.
    • Ensure to fact-check statements to ensure they are true and correct before posting on social media.
    • Share your experience about HIV.
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